Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Presence of Christmas....

Firstly may I say,  Merry Christmas to all of you reading this.  I don't mean this flippantly,  I really mean,  may your life be filled with the merriment of your mass (union) with Christ consciousness.  cause, thats what its about right?  well, for me anyway... and lets face it... we need to say merry christmas every day, not just on the 25th December.

So i'm sitting here on a crisp and stunningly crystal clear snow laden christmas morning.  Hot cup of liquid balm wrapped among my fingers as I sit and watch the sun make its slow and remarkable rise into the sky.  It really is night and day in perspective once the sun hits a tree.  it moves from the black and white contrast of flat shapes before dawn,  to a brilliant firing of greens and golds as each ray touches its branches.

Watching Narayana play amongst the "things" he has unwrapped, like a locomotive with momentum, devouring everything in its path,  only briefly stopping to make sure that in fact the tag has a word starting with "N" on it, which means it must be for him.

"Things",  3D forms symbolizing love and remembrance.  Not really about the things at all,  but in the remembrance of the connection made with the person that has sent the gift to you, you experience that presence rather than presents is truly the gift of life.

Our tree,  for the most part an unconscious ritual of "what we do at christmas", seems to take on a new life for me this morning.  It tells me a tale of symbolism, of significance, of its place in the ceremony of life that we are actually celebrating.

We take a tree (of life),  and wrap it in light.  We call in the orbs of the ancestors and light beings that blur the dimensional realm,  mix them in with the quirky  memories of our human existence,  the tree decorations that you've had for... years.  Each time taking you back to the remembrance of where you were when you got it,  how it came to be,  why you kept it.  A real tree I feel is important,  for what in life truly has value without the understanding and acknowledgement of sacrifice, something that must be given up, in order to beckon the new?  In gratitude our tree offers itself, its life to be consumed and transformed into its place of ritual.

So we have a totem of life, of sacrifice, of light and of the orbs of ancestors and beings that connect us beyond the mundane.  And we offer it gifts.  We wrap our tokens of love in the surprise of the unknown, we let them sit,  bake, under the light of life, for days, weeks,  letting each 'presence' be infused with the magic of love and light that is the christ consciousness.  Like prasaad at a Havan,  after it has been offered to the alter,  we then consume it ourselves,  allowing that energy to be taken into our being.  Thus,  we unwrap the presents.  The tokens of 'presence' that keep the connections of love between family, friends, community.

So let the gifts of this day be conscious, let it be filled with heart opening remembrance, and may the light of Christ consciousness fire your being into the brilliance of life that you are.  And have yourself a very merry christmas now....