Monday, 9 February 2015

to do list...

chat less
engage more

like less
connect instead

sleep less
make love

alone, together

skull less
sip more

drive less
dance more

skip, every day

worry less
breathe fully

laugh loud
sing louder

don't take anything personally
don't take crap either.

know yourself
seek to understand others

you wont always succeed.

go and stand outside
especially if its raining

cry into the soil
laugh into the wind

its the joy you want to carry forward.

turn off the computer
hug a child.

survive less
live more.

recipe for transformation.

get grumpy
feel the grumpy
feel the pain behind the grumpy
set the grumpy aside

sit down with the pain
take off its clothes
strip it down to its true colours

see it,
acknowledge it
hold it like a 3 year old with a stubbed toe.
empathize with it
love it.

consider its opposite
put energy into that
cultivate that

repeat as needed...

home truths.

ok so i seem to have fallen off the wagon.
i have a bunch of half started tid bits in drafts.
but nothing is finished, nothing worth reading...
nothing worth the offer.

maybe its mercury in retrograde.
hell... if its going wrong, its always mercury's fault, right?
especially when it comes down to writing and communications

so here are a few notes, unedited.  maybe we can call them home truths...

i have been living in the world of the ordinary.  doing ordinary things.  its, chunky.  uncomfortable and so limiting.  theres a lesson here for me though,  i hoping i learn it quickly.

this world is amazing, beautiful, wondrous and completely screwed up.  we, are amazing, beautiful, wondrous and completely screwed up.  i am amazing, beautiful, wondrous and completely screwed up.

we need to focus on the beautiful.  but dont turn your back on the screwed up parts.  go at them.  sit them down, strip them down,  ask them what they want.  address the core.  dont make drama from the story.  it only makes things worse.

if we want to stop decapitations, we need to stop disconnecting our own heads from our hearts.

if we want children to stop being raped, kidnapped,  made into child wives.

WE  have to stop using sex as a tool to get what we want.  as a bandage.  as a weapon.  to "feel" better.

we need to stop sacrificing our own inner child.  let it stay curious. let it stay innocent.

if we don't want to have people set alight in a steel cage to wither and suffer.  we have to address our own suffering.  no one, i repeat NO ONE can inflict such cruelty on another without that being a reflection on their own inner suffering.

only then will the outside reflect this sacredness of union vs abuse of power "over".   we are one.

take the news paper.  look at the article that you feel horrified by.  and see how your internal frequency is adding to the perpetration of these things.

yeah i know... its them that needs to change.  not you... not me... right?

the atrocities in the world,  are nothing but a mirror of the pieces inside US that are coming to the surface to be seen, acknowledge and disempowered.  to disempower these shadow pieces, we have to be willing to change.

change people.  seriously... change.

you cant keep everything the same and expect things to get better.  they have to change.  you have to change.  i have to change.

this can be such a exciting transformation, not comfortable necessarily,  but exciting.  narrowing the perceived chasm between human, and god.

it starts with communication.  be impeccable with your word.   do, what you say you are going to do.  speak with kindness, but with truth.  sometimes the truth hurts, but it dosnt need to be violent.  there is a difference.  learn it.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Mirage of iridescent fish swim
my body becomes a point on the edge of the whirl

caught in the collective no mind
i fall

in limbo between a decisive step
and, i cant remember

precious moments not to be wasted
act now
dishes or dream

coffee calls to the undisciplined
the rebel inhales
stares at the fire licking time.