Wednesday, 16 September 2015

close to home.

I lost a friend today
I cant reach out to his family,
they have gone into hiding,
so i write.

We were neighbours,
I often saw him and his family on the way to the bus
we would stop and wave
they lived close to the earth,
I admired them.

I must admit,
he was beautiful,
he was the kind you couldn't take your eyes off.
flocked by women,
he was the kind you wanted to tame in your twenties,
surely you could make the bad boy turn good if he just got to know you.

But alas,
we never did get to know each other.
Not well,
still i cry

Two men came to his home with guns,
he told his family to run,
they did,
he did not.

They saw his strength,
they wanted to own it,
They hide behind meat,
but really, its the trophy they are after.

An ounce of testosterone for every point of his crown.
they are Men now they will say,
I say they are cowards.

Their need does not balance,
its controls,
it triumphs.

Their need does not nourish,
it feeds,
their stories,
their bragging.

They do not hunt,
they stumble,
10ft from the road,
not a km from the highway

I heard the shots,
my breakfast cuppa frozen halfway to my lips.
To close to home,
to close to my heart

good bye my friend
im sorry