Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dear God Ramblings. #1

Dear God,

sometimes i see the light through the trees and feel such a presence of love,  thank you for the hairs on my arms that capture those moments.

why are we not taught how sweet Silence truly is?

is it possible, that we actually live in completely different space time realities within our own human experiance?  that the year 2016 is merely fabricated for the overall order of humanity, yet really means nothing? maybe the future/past/present is but a state of evolution/perception?

why,  when the mind drones on "the lotus feet," yes yes, "reverence",  yes yes, "dust on head", yes yes "thy will" over and over... the heart skips a beat like your first date is walking up the driveway?
such is the nature of transmission and remembrance...?

parenting is hard,  just in case you were wondering.

if i say a prayer that everyone can feel the nectar of love for life, will it make a difference in someones day?

to your lotus feet.


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