Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Healing the Whole - The Spirits Journey of Illness.

"When illness is part of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your Spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire"  Carolyn Myss

This was a meme that came across my Facebook the other day.  I completely agree with this statement,  and believe it is a fundamental teaching that so many are unable to entertain, let alone embrace, leading to much unnecessary suffering.  The only change I would make to it is to remove the first "spiritual".

Being that You are a Spirit having a Human experiance.  ALL experiences in the human construct are part of your spiritual journey. All experiences are part of the schooling of the soul - To shed any identification with ignorance, and come into a true experiance of wholeness.  To consciously experiance and embrace (but not identify with) with the 3rd Dimensional Experiance of duality, (that I am me, and you are you) the 5th Dimensional experience of honouring total interconnectiveness of all souls and beings and beyond that, embodying the truth that we are in fact One.   All of these experiences are an aspect and perspective of the totality which is the experience of life.

The most common root of suffering though is the having 'identification' with the 3D without the discernment of its rightful place within the experiance.  It is identification that creates all suffering in dualistic experiences,  you - me, up -down, right - wrong, health - disease.   When we live our lives totally identified with this perspective it creates conflict within ourselves and gives birth to the oxymorons that we have to 'fight for our health'. "Beat Cancer",  "Fight Cancer",  "Triumph over PTSD",  "Win our lives back" are all slogans that we, as a collective society, have bought in to.  The very thought frequency that holds us in dis-ease.

The key to health,  is to be able to meet each experiance, to meet life, from a complete multidimentional perspective.  What we call a "wholistic medical approach" this in the west means approaching the disease from each aspect of physically, emotionally, and mentally.   But what we are doing, is approaching these 3 aspects from a singular dimensional perspective.  Still rooted in the 3D identification of dualism - that the personality is absolute.
As Ram Dass puts it,  "For somebody who is spiritually awakening, ideally, you’ll be looking for a therapist who is treating personality as relatively real, not absolutely real."   I do believe that we are all in different states and stages of spiritually awakening and that diseases are doorways to be walked through as a way of exam and opportunities for graduation - purification, expansion, liberation.

What if we were to work with a spiritual teacher, in conjunction with our doctors, for every major illness we experiance?  Where we actively acknowledged that to truly heal,  we must address any discord in the soul,  that is manifesting in the body and mind.

Within all of this, western medication and treatments are an important action to step into when posed with an experiance of "dis-ease".  But they, as well as alternative/naturopathic medicine,  are an aide to support the person so that they can then get to the root of the disease on every level, physical, emotional, mental, collective and spiritual,  to fully graduate from that class and move onto the next lesson.

 Unfortunately, in the west especially,  we feel that if the symptoms have been eradicated,  then we are healed and therefore the lesson has been learnt.  We can subdue an experiance of disease without the lesson being learnt.  That will again come up either later in this lifetime,  or in another.  But it will come back if we have not fully integrated the teaching.

There are many chronic illnesses people are experiencing that cannot be healed purely by a 3 Dimensional perspective.  A perspective where the personality is absolutely real.  Anxiety, Depression,  PTSD,  Current Trauma Navigation, Cancer, Eating Disorders,  to name a few.  As multi-dimentional beings,  we must be able to get perspective of the different layers of an experiance to understand, heal and transcend/graduate from the experiance.   To do so in one dimension is to put a band-aid over a cut on your leg after its infected never acknowledging that its gone septic and is poisoning your whole system.

It can be extremely challenging, some would say even impossible, to learn a new skill or set of skills while in a crisis.  But with generations of children being brought up devoid of an acknowledgement of their own spirit, of the interconnectivity they have with other beings and the Earth (having religion as the only narrow avenue for Divine acknowledgement) we have little choice but to learn on the run.  I would even go as far to say that it is taking this level of crisis to create an experiance where people have no choice but to shift their perspective if they are to experiance relief from the illness, or even survive.

 What is troubling to me,  is that we have created a world,  where to step into a wholistic and multidimensional modality of healing to move through a debilitating experiance is often a "last resort".  "Ive got nothing left to lose" being something that is said to me multiple times a week when working with new clients.  Why have we created a world where to see ourselves as empowered spirits learning through this human experiance the soul is the last place we seek understanding, healing and relief?

Shifting identification, with 'your' story, with the belief that the personality is absolute, is a fundamental step to shifting the core frequencies of illness.  It is totally doable,  but you have to be willing to try something new.    For example,  you can't stand on a tower of blocks and expect to be able to objectively look at them and move them around into a different perspective.  You're not discarding any blocks, nor throwing any blocks away. Your not changing or discarding your experience, but one needs to be able to use the blocks to create a life to stand on.  Not just teeter totter on a stack in the way life has dealt them to you.  You are not a victim of circumstance.  You are not your story.  You are not your illness.  The fact is, you don't even know who you are.  This is why the illness has such a hold over your experiance.

When someone is in shock,  you can either sit quietly with them,  or you can take them by the hand and say, "lets go, you have to keep moving forward,  You are alive, your heart is beating,  therefore, there is work still to be done."  Both responses are appropriate at one time or another.   But if, or when, illness knocks on your door,  see it as an opportunity to journey inwards, to experience your being in its fullness, wholeness, completeness to realize the gorgeous, multi dimensional being, made of untold amounts of courage, strength and Love that is.

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