Sunday, 20 March 2016

Soul's Note - Dear Human...

Dear Human,

As if there may be no tomorrow, know that in the pursuit of happiness as a human, this is what I know to be true.  

* Take note of that time of day, at dawn and dusk when the light transcends illumination and instead becomes liquid love to bath in.  
* Walk the Earth with bare feet, and if you must wear shoes, wear one with soft souls so you never become disconnected from the Mother.  You will not abuse something that you have come to fully appreciate in all her curves.  If you currently spend most of your day on hard surfaces and pavements,  you need to change that,  immediately.
* Drink from a cup brought forth from the Earth, formed by hand and has survived the fire.  Let every sip be a acknowledgement of appreciation that like you, this cup is one of a kind. Like you, it does not serve to collect dust on the shelf for special occasions, let it serve every day,  but be gentle and appreciative of it, for, like you, it cannot be replaced.  
* Take time to meet the farmers that grow your food,  or better yet,  grow it yourself.  You will never take it for granted, or waste it again… growing food is magic personified.  If you do grow your own food,  barter it with others,  it will put the commune in community, and shift your perception of what is needed to live.  Hint. Money is quiet far down the list.  
* You feed yourself, not just in the food you eat, but in every action and word you engage in.
 So nourish yourself consciously.  Say only what needs to be said and listen to another's heart.  It is often speaking between the words. 
* Take time to watch a fire take light,  study the way it moves, see how it feeds and how when its fed a little at a time, will warm more intensely and nourish a whole family.   
Try parenting in the same way,  slowly and in small digestible bites.  We often expect too much, too quickly missing the dance the little being is doing, for just being alive.
* Have for yourself 1 cup, 1 plate, 1 bowel,  a knife, fork and a spoon,  
When inviting other over, encourage them to bring their own,  you don’t need to have more stuff just  “in case”, it holds you down, and stops you from moving forward, literally.  Be self sufficient when you visit others and there will be more time for joyous laughter and less for dishes.  
*Let cooking be a ritual of Love, let it be the event you share with others.
*Spend 1 one day every week with no power, 1/2 a day each week in silence, and take a bath by bucket rather than shower head.  Let the shower head be a gift, not a right.  You will stop wasting precious water.  Become aware of what you use, and you'll realize ignorance consumes resources like a dog with a late breakfast.
* Examine your poop, no one wants to interact with their own shit. We all want someone else to deal with it.  But it is your shit that tells you how much nourishment you are getting out of life and how much goodness is passing through without you realizing.  This process will invoke full self acceptance, then Love, then healing.
* Create routines of joy.  The mind calms in routine, and the heart relishes the smaller details of Love.  Pancakes on a Sunday morning with coffee is ours… all else fluctuates, but not pancakes.  
* Be in solitude enough to appreciate someone else's company.  Try not to use someone else's company to appreciate your solitude.  
* Live close to the earth,  awaken with the sun,  retreat when it sets.  Use the winter to catch up on books and crafts and dream,  use the spring to start something new and use the full force of summers light to get’er done.  Let the Autumn be a time to celebrate and share with others the bounty of your labour, to sit around and drink apple cider, roast roots and consume homemade pie.  By then you have earnt the dam pie. 
* Live as if you will die tomorrow and die knowing that you indeed live forever, for seeds of kindness and the essence of Love know nothing of time or space.
* Create a life you don’t need a vacation from,  let your work be play, and let your play be work.  Everything else is all in your head,  and a vacation only creates more dualism in your awareness.
* Get up before dawn just to watch the shape of the trees come into focus as the light starts to illuminate the sky.  
*  Aspire for inter-connected not in-dependent nor co-dependant.  Keep asking what can i offer, and you will always have what you need.  

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  1. Wow. Beautiful nuggets of lovely peppered throughout your entire offering. Thank you.

  2. thank you, im so pleased you enjoyed it, i like nuggets of lovely...